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Customized Strategic Solutions to help your Business Thrive


Are you poised for growth and need a strategic plan?  Does your leadership team need a boost in skill and team work?  Are you stuck, churning your wheels and in need of perspective and insight? 

Wiater Consulting Group, LLC is a collaborator aligning with your values to bring concrete, achievable solutions.

Our strategic processes center on results for the client.  Expert consultants collaborate constructively and practically with you and your team, aligning your values and resulting in functional achievable outcomes that work.


Contact us here and we will be glad to discuss services and solutions that can help you reach your strategic goals. 



Consulting forms the base of our services:


Strategic and Business Plans


Market Analysis and Research


Human Resource Services (including personnel selection and training)


Organizational Development

(helping you bring alignment and action to your vision)




Coaching is a partnership and process through which a person’s potential and  growth are awakened and maximized.


Studies show you accomplish and become more when you work with a coach to set goals, overcome obstacles and create action plans.  Our coaching team offers insight, feedback, support and accountability.



Developing talent through training remains a core necessity for leadership and employee peak performance. While leadership and management competencies are our hallmark, we also work with organizations to develop customized training to meet your needs.

Our Clients Say...

The work provided by Wiater Consulting group was professional, creative, and tailored to exactly what we requested. 


…ability to combine theoretical perspectives with "what works" provides clients with strategies and processes for change.  These consultant practices help overcome client fears or resistance, increasing the possibility that the client will accept the coaching/consultation and move toward positive resolution.


...uncanny knack for understanding what the client values and, consequently, is able to frame her response in ways that align with significant client needs.  


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