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Diane M. Wiater, PhD


Dr. Wiater is CEO and founder of Wiater Consulting Group, LLC.  She is a trusted strategic partner, profitable business manager, effective executive and leader developer.  Diane is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 


Diane’s collaboration with clients centers on their individual values, developing insightful and practical solutions.  She is highly relational and attentive to clients as together they work toward tangible outcomes. 


Dr. Wiater has more than 30 years of experience leading successful teams and developing people. She provides training in the areas of leadership development, team building, process improvement and organizational development. Dr. Wiater is a certified coach trainer through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. Her coaching relationships assist others one on one in leadership development, business development, performance improvement and fulfilling life dreams.


Dr. Wiater holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in business.  She also has a MA in Organizational Communication with an emphasis in business.  


Dr. Wiater works with a strong network of qualified consultants, engaging core expertise for each individual project she engages. Each project team is developed to provide optimum benefit and outcome for the client.

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