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Past Projects

Organizational Development


Organizational Consulting for Landscape Business

Values, service processes and roles and responsibilities alignment. Conducted Strengthsfinder assessment for all personnel. Resulted in creation of business dashboard, name recognition, position descriptions with roles and responsibilities, process improvement and training development. Freed up owner to build business, work one on one with employees to train and convey company standards.


Values and Mission Alignment for Faith Based Organization

Collaborated with leadership to develop a values aligned new mission statement and improve processes for internal organizational events. Revised position descriptions including roles and responsibilities. Alignment brought clarity and focus and increased service levels and productivity for employees.


Candidate Selection for Financial Firm

Created marketable job description aligned with organizational values and need.  Conducted selection process from beginning (posting, applicant screening and interviews) to end presenting qualified candidates to business leadership.


HR Consulting and Candidate Selection for Online Service Provider

Collaborated with leadership in determining organizational need. Conducted selection process from beginning (posting, applicant screening and interviews) to end presenting qualified candidates to business leadership.


Market and Organizational Analysis


Focus Groups/Market Analysis for University Fundraising Department

Conducted focus groups and survey to assist university development office in determining how to more effectively reach potential donors. Final report presented top challenges hindering these efforts and offered actionable solutions, several of which were implemented.


Focus Groups/Marketing Strategy for University Marketing and Recruiting

Conducted focus groups evaluating marketing materials and recruiting processes. Final report included recommendations for presentation of content, design, messaging and recruiting processes. Conducted focus groups and surveys evaluating doctoral program content, student satisfaction, processes and services.  Recommendations presented were designed to foster increased completion rates and recruiting efforts.


Compliance Standards Reporting for University

Assisted select university departments in collecting, analyzing and reporting data for accrediting compliance reports. 


Business Viability Analysis for Startup Enterprise

Conducted market analysis complete with unique market financial data to assist entrepreneur in determining viability of business idea. The financial data in the plan demonstrated the business was not viable within the operating absolutes of principle investor. Investor released idea and moved on.


Evaluation of Private Faith Based K-12 for Sustainability

Utilized surveys, focus groups and face to face interviews, financial records and organizational documents to determine the sustainability of a private faith based K-12 school. Our recommendations aligned with organizational values and presented viable solutions with the parameters expressed by client. The value added was in identifying solutions that did not violate the organization’s non-negotiable values. The issues addressed leadership, roles and responsibilities and fiscal responsibility.




Team Building for Multiple Organizations

Seminars and retreats customized to draw teams together. These often include assessments (MBTI and Strengthsfinder), exercises designed to propel a team in defining mission, vision and purpose and understanding member strengths to increase effective intentional and creative collaborative efforts. 


Career Transition Training for University Students

Developed and conducted career transition training. Training included best practices for getting noticed and getting the job; job hunting, resume writing and interviewing.


Customer Service Training for Multiple Organizations

It might seem antiquated, but if organizations lose sight of customer service, they lose reputation, customers and eventually profitability and sustainability. This is a core for every business and a strong area of expertise for our consultant team.

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